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Clinical Nutrition

Since the inception of chiropractic, the idea has been that there are three main causes of dysfunction in the body- thoughts, toxins, and trauma. More recently, these ideas have been improved upon. Now we think of the main causes of dysfunction as resulting from one or more of the following stressors: emotional stressors, toxic body stressors, chemical/nutritional stressors, and physical stressors.

As chiropractors, we have always been good at identifying and correcting physical stresses. What if the cause of your pain/dysfunction is not caused by physical stressors? The manual muscle testing, used in the Applied Kinesiology and NeuroEmotional Techniques, allows us to asses if one of the other stressors is involved in your condition. The techniques then offer ways to correct those stressors so your body can begin to heal and function normally.

Nutrition has perhaps the most important and dramatic effect on over all health. Using clinical nutrition concepts will allow us to assess your current nutritional status and recommend changes to your diet and lifestyle to bring about a balance and ultimately good health.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates.

While it goes without saying that we all should be eating nutrient rich food, I will recommend particular foods based on your current status as a first line therapy. If necessary, I will also recommend high quality nutritional supplements to support your systems. However, not all supplements are created equally! It truly is a buyer beware market for nutritional supplements. I only use professional grade suppliers of nutritional supplements. The companies I currently use include:

  • Standard Process
  • Metagenics
  • Integrative Therapeutics

I have enjoyed great success helping patients with chronic problems that ultimately resulted from a nutritional deficiency.

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