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Activator Method


The Activator Method of chiropractic adjusting is a two step approach to chiropractic. The first involves a mechanically assisted adjustment using the Activator adjusting instrument. The second part is a specific “method” of assessing where to adjust the spine.

The Activator adjusting instrument is a well researched and validated tool. I am often asked how it works. How can that little tap do anything? Simply stated, the answer is “speed and frequency”. The Activator thrusts much faster than a manual adjustment. Also, the Activator “activates” the nerve receptors in the joints causing them to “reset”.

The method aspect of the technique refers to the prone functional leg check with associated challenges to the system. The challenges activate muscles associated with different levels of the spine in such a way that if there is a spinal misalignment, the challenge will cause a functionally short leg. The goal of the method is to have the patient “balanced” by the end of the treatment.

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