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First Chiropractic Visit

There are several steps in a chiropractic visit especially your first visit.  These steps include:

Patient History and Symptoms: The chiropractor will have a consultation with the patient and ask questions to get a clear understanding of your individual situation.

Questions like: When and how did your pain begin? Where is the pain centered? Describe the pain (sharp, dull, burning etc.)? Is it sporadic or constant?

Chiropractic Exam: After the consultation your chiropractor will begin the exam portion of your visit.  During this phase the chiropractor will assess things like:

  • Overall range of motion of the affected area
  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle tone
  • Neurological integrity (properly functioning nervous system)

Other tests may be necessary for a complete assessment.

Diagnosis: Based on the result of the consultation and exam a diagnosis can be achieved. The chiropractor can provide an individualized chiropractic treatment plan or other treatments like clinical nutrition to aid the patient to achieving good health.