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Questions Asked By Our Patients


  1. What technique will Dr. Joseph use to adjust me?
    • Dr. Joseph uses a variety of techniques; however, he mostly uses a combination of Activator Methods, NeuroEmotional Technique (NET), and Applied Kinesiology (AK).
  2. How does the Activator work?
    • Simply stated, the answer is “speed and frequency”. The Activator thrusts much faster than a manual adjustment. Also, the Activator “activates” the nerve receptors in the joints causing them to “reset”. The analogy I often use is that of a hammer and nail. You can pound a nail into some wood using a hammer, or you could use a nail gun. Either way the nail is in the wood, the nail gun just does it much, much faster.
  3. What is NET?
    • NET stands for NeuroEmotional Technique. NET is a mind-body technique that allows the doctor to find neurological imbalances related to different body stressors and correct those stressors effects on the body’s physiology.
  4. Do you accept my insurance?
    • We are providers for Dean Care HMO, Medicare, Alliance, and many Medicare Supplements. Feel free to check with your insurance carrier to see if Joseph Chiropractic is in their network. If you are not covered by insurance we offer a sizeable discount if you pay for your chiropractic services on the same day you receive your services.
  5. Are you taking new patients?
    • We are accepting new patient into our practice at this time.
  6. What happens at my first appointment?
    1. Your initial appointment will consist of a detailed health history, physical examination, and, if appropriate, an adjustment.
  7. How long is my first appointment?
    • Your initial appointment with Dr. Joseph is a minimum of one hour. After the initial appointment, follow up appointments are typically 15-20 minutes.
  8. Why does Dr. Joseph do an exam?
    • A complete examination is necessary to assess your overall condition and to find out what might be causing or contributing to your symptoms. Only then can Dr. Joseph develop a treatment plan that will address your particular condition.
  9. Do you do X-rays in your office?
    • We do not do X-rays at the clinic; however, if your history and exam indicated that you need X-rays, we will refer you to an appropriate facility to obtain them.